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Holding My Line

Oh sweet Universe, this has been a trying week!


I am not going to get up on a soap box and attempt to pontificate about how one should handle matters when tossed a heap of crap, because I am me and not you.

What I can say is that while I feel anger about the actions of another/others and frustrated by their lies, negativity, and general poor choices, I realize that it was a “teachable moment” for me as well.

I wanted to contact the parties and rip them collective new assholes with a chainsaw.  Sideways.

But, I breathed for a moment and asked myself if there was anything I could or would have done differently in my prior interactions with the parties and my answer is, no.

Other than to have never associated with them in the first place, there is nothing I would change as  they have taught me a lot about myself and I can see that evolution in myself.

I mostly felt sadness atop the anger regarding their actions…but the sadness was not  for me.

(Wow!  That sounds semi-douchey, yeah?)

Alright, I will wax philosophical a bit…

I felt and still feel genuine sadness for people (all people) who are so angry at life and themselves that they project and go about their lives thrilling in wreaking havoc, spreading negativity, and being generally toxic in nature toward others….and themselves.

I will say this, as I have before, allow actions to speak louder than words, but use your ears to listen not only to what is said but the manner in which things are said.

If someone is constantly knocking down others, blaming others, or gossiping about others, don’t allow them to make their issues yours.

People do fucked up things everyday.

All people screw up everyday.

I have my own set of issues and mistakes; I don’t need to take on anyone else’s.

Everyone has their own set of ethics and codes and maybe those do not fall in line with yours.

I am no saint.  I am no angel.  I am a bitch.  I am direct.  I lack sugar-coated fairy dust.

…but I don’t covet what I do not have (aside from bikes and shoes) and I do not take what is not mine.

I am too lazy to stalk.

Too bored to gossip.

Too germophobe and OCD to want anyone’s sloppy seconds.

Too comfortable in my own skin to think my vagina is mightier than my mind.

Typically, I will ignore a lie or gossip unless it is particularly hurtful to either myself or my friends.

…and the recent item(s) is/are dripping in sad and semi-tragic/semi-amusing irony…which lightens up any sadness I feel about how people act toward each other.

I have always maintained that I will stand by my principles and regardless of how unpopular they are, my line will hold.

My line holds now.  It is as constant as the sun.  I have more faith in that than I do in image or perception…or gossip.

Actions will always speak louder than words…no matter how loud or how mean or how big the smile when the tale is told.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ” 
― Wayne W. Dyer

When I disturb shit, I get shit.  Some people are just on a grander scale than me with regard to shit…and I can live with that.

*bigger smile*