The Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Yay…Dirt Crits!

Last night was chock full of super mega awesomeness!

My littlest, The Sass raced her very first dirt crit last night and it was so, so, SO much more than I thought it would be because she is SOOOO much more than I ever imagined!

So huggable, that kid!

At first, she was a bit skeptical…but less resistant than I suspected she would be.

She loves to ride out at Castlewood and the course for the dirt crits is where she actually learned to ride a bike…because why start a kid on pavement when you can start them in dirt?

She felt OK because I told her it would likely only be a lap and she typically rides a lot longer than that, so she was game.

I said, “Just go as fast as you can for a lap and then you are done.”

“Well, I probably won’t go as fast as I can, but I will ride,” she replied.


When we got there she told me that she would probably help out any younger kids who didn’t know the course and make sure they were alright.

I smiled at this and raised an eyebrow because I knew she was using a play right out of her momma’s playbook.

When I am intimidated in a race, I focus on helping someone if I can and although that takes me out of contention, it relaxes me enough not to puke or pass out.

When it came time for her to race however, we realized that she was racing a modified/shortened course.  It was short enough that no one was getting lost and all the kids could haul ass if they so chose.

Because 3/4 of Sass’ biker boys were also racing, she played it cool and didn’t even want me to ride the route behind her.

(She is pathologically shy and is so afraid to fail that many times she will not try new things simply because she fears being bad at it…which is why her momma likes to try things first and show her how it isn’t scary…things like triathlons which she said she wanted to do and then backed out of 2.)

However, there she was…at the line just chit-chatting away…with a boy.

Oh boy; we’re in trouble.

The bell went off and so did she.  She took off on her tiny little bike that she seemingly outgrew overnight and pedaled her little ass across the field.

I rode quite a bit behind with the littlest racer and saw Sass through the trees as they headed in the other direction on the trail.

I felt pride for her great form and the fact that she was in front of the girl who intimidated her the most; a sweet little girl named Olivia who had a bigger bike and bigger wheels.

They changed positions throughout the race with O eventually beating Sass, but Sass gave it her all and looked happy and exhausted all at once.

She raced all out for the whole 2 laps, even though she had said she wouldn’t and it was then that she seemed to have lost all fear.

Later when we were at dinner, we discussed her bike and the likelihood that she would need a bigger bike pretty soon and as her birthday is in October, we may as well put it out there now.

We had always talked about a cx bike, but last night when I asked her if she wanted a cx bike or mtb, she immediately (and before my sentence was punctuated) said, “MTB!”

She then fell asleep with her head on the table before the pizza arrived…

Perfect.  Absolutely and delightfully perfect!


Now, as for MY race…

It was pretty fantastic!

It was by far my best dirt crit ever and I had a lot of fun.

I did not race on the cx bike because I just wasn’t feeling it like I thought I would be.

Mostly, the last thing I wanted to happen was for me to slide out and get hurt before Sass’ race and freak her out, so I made the non-sacrifice of riding The Sickness.

I was able to pass boys and stay with or attack on boys the entire race and that felt pretty awesome.

Maybe I have always been capable but just not able.  Now, I want to and am doing it and it feels good.

Every time I started to feel cocky in the race, I checked myself though because no one has boomerang karma more than I do and it is proven that every time I pat myself on the back while doing something, the Universe will teach me a lesson right then and there to help me refocus, so I have learned to keep a level head when I start doing well.

As I crossed the line, I knew I had done well but also knew I was not on the podium so to speak.

Unfortunately, when the results were posted I was not on the list.

That seemed weird because I was pretty sure I had actually raced and I knew I finished.

After going to Matt, we realized immediately what had happened…

In the rush after work to get Sass and I both ready, we had traded numbers and I raced under her number…which did not have a chip.

I was sad.  So very, very sad.

hee hee…not really.

I mean, it was a bummer for sure, but I knew Larry had written down numbers, but also knew what a pain in the ass it would be to have him figure out where I was.

So, I shrugged and called it a day.

I knew I had a great race and I knew for the most part whom I had come in ahead of and knew I had not blown up or wrecked.

I mentally praised myself for keeping it upright for what has to be the longest streak ever and smirked as I thought about my office and how they were expecting scrapes and bruises.

I felt pretty pleased with myself.

…which is why my razor kicked my ass this morning in the shower.

Right on the knee too!


Pride cometh before the fall…

…and if there is nothing to fall off, the Universe will find a way to make SOMETHING bleed…at least on me.

Next up is a big giant rest night and then the fantastically fun Pfirecraker XC 3-hr MTB tomorrow morning.

I am humbled.  I am humbled.  Please keep me rubber-side down!



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