Thank You (all) and Updates

I will admit that I typed the following few paragraphs first in an email to Kirk to keep him current, but since it is exactly how I feel, I am including it as the “Update” portion of the post.  While I am not including everything I told him, I don’t have the energy or desire to write the same information some other way, so here goes:

The surgery went well and I am on my way to healing.  They used staples this time and think it will cause fewer issues than the previous 2 surgeries.  Originally they planned to take the staples out Tuesday (today), but they have already decided to keep them in a week and plan on next Monday.  We’ll see what happens.

The surgery did go well, but apparently when they went in, they found adhesions on my intestines.  He removed those and constructed some sort of barrier to assist in the prevention of more adhesions in the future.  I have no idea.  I feel like I am being tuck pointed…  That said, he had me on all liquids and I was to introduce more complex liquids each day.  Yesterday I introduced chicken noodle soup and my system disliked it.  It was rejected via puking and that in turn tore a staple.  Unfortunately the tear isn’t superficial, so that hurts more than quite a bit.

I am home.  I took yesterday off and rested.  I walked at a very slow pace, per the doctor’s orders, and with company.

I returned to work today for a half day and by 12p, I had hit a wall.  That said, my hormone patch has kept me very calm.  I have not felt weepy or stressed.

[end update]

This is the “Thank You” portion:

I am overwhelmed and humbled by the amazing love, kindness, and caring I have received over the past few weeks.

Friday’s surgery was ridiculously tough on me, on multiple levels that I could never properly convey, so I will not try.

There are so many to thank, that it would take me all night and part of tomorrow, but I am *this* close to drooling on my keyboard so I gotta shorten it a bit.

Some of you came to visit multiple times per day, and some came every day…Some called, texted, emailed, prayed, sent gifts…

Everyone adjusted their schedules for no matter how long to do whatever they did to make this experience so much easier for me.

Billie brought me Chocovine, mascara, perfume, and awesome slippers…because she is JUST that fucking much of a rock star…

Trick brought me pretty things to look at and brushed my arm to help me sleep…

Jim let me squeeze him hard when the pain came…and I think he let me drool on him, but I don’t really know.  Friday is a blur.

Tyler, Adrienne, Tim, and Jay all took me on walks to get my system going so I could be released…

Kube brought me her fantastic laugh after working all morning on a Saturday instead of jumping right on her bike in the beautiful weather…

So many more of you brought your smiles and warmth and filled my room with laughter and what turned out to be “the most inappropriate party ever”…at least to a few nurses who had sticks up their arses.

Everyone who came helped or offered help every time I had to crawl to the restroom.

You all ignored my catheter, the fact that I was drooling, and the fact that I had expanded to twice my size by Day 2 just with gas alone.

While I won’t name everyone, you all know who you are, whether you were in my room or not…

You all helped me…and are helping me…and I want you to know that I appreciate it.

…especially Cristel, who becomes my “Recovery Drill Sergeant” every time I have a surgery and keeps me in line when I want to be “the worst patient ever”…

I love my friends.

I hope that I never have to return the favor, but know that I will…even in the dead of night.

Much love.


*PS: I am off the bike all week, per Kirk and we are going to stick to the treadmill so I don’t pull/strain nothin’ and then he is going to turn me into an emotionless, maniacal killing machine on the bike… I am going to feed on the healthy blood of other racers and leap over their dead bodies like so many magical barriers… You will ALL cower in my cycling greatness now that I am .25 pounds lighter…

*MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!* [<-that was an “evil” laugh]

Alright, alright…that “PS” part was humor.  What?  I joke.  I amuse myself.  I’m on meds and have a French dog who looks like Velcro with legs and acts like a cat.  What do you want from me?  OK, seriously…Have a good night, people.  Peace.

2 responses to “Thank You (all) and Updates

  1. I’m so glad you’re surrounded by tons of lovin’… and I’m sending quick-healing vibes and prayers your way… along with “back on the bike soon” vibes and prayers as well. xoxo

  2. Thanks, Dani. I feel really fortunate when I look around. Thanks also for considering me when sending out the vibes; they must be working. Somehow, through this battle that has raged on for over 11 years, I am still here…so that can’t be all me. None of us know how things will turn out for us, but I know I don’t want to take anything or anyone for granted.

    Also, I haven’t seen you in quite some time…and I will be needing to intake some wine after I recover, so maybe we should think about “catching up”. lol I want to hear about your production! You have limitless energy, m’friend! xoxo

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